Margate, Tasmania

Elected officials representing Margate

local government

  • Buchan, Fiona (Tel: 03 6227-1570)
    Bury, Graham (Tel: 03 6229-8399)
    Bush, Julian (Tel: 03 6223-6259)
    Chatterton, Paul (Tel: 03 6229-6085)
    Fox, Flora (Tel: 03 6267-2571)
    Grace, David (Tel: 03 6267-9940)
    Higgins, Michele (Tel: 03 6267-4984)
    Lindsay, Peter (Tel: 03 6267-2378)
    McGinniss, Roger (Tel: 03 6229-1344)
    Nolan, Susan (Tel: 03 6229-5737)
    Sommerville, Donna (Tel: 03 6229-6458)
    Wass, Stephen (Tel: 03 6229-1706)

state government

  • Will Hodgman MPWill Hodgman MP – State Premier and Liberal Leader

    Office: Shop 96 Church St, Channel Court Shopping Centre,
    Kingston TAS 7050
    Tel: (03) 6212-2268

    Will Hodgman has been the Member for Franklin since 2002, and has been Liberal Leader since 2006. Will was elected as State Premier in 2014.

    Will is married to Nicky, and they have three children, William, James and Lily.

  • Jacquie Petrusma MPJacquie Petrusma MP – Member for Franklin

    Mail: Shop 6, Channel Court, Kingston 7050
    Tel: (03) 6214-6000
    Fax: (03) 6214-6002

    As the Minister for Human Services and Minister for Women, Jacquie is very keen to be contacted on any issues to do with these portfolios, as well as any constituent issues in the electorate of Franklin.

  • Lara GiddingsLara Giddings, MP
    Labor Member for Franklin

    Mail: Executive Building Level 11, 15 Murray Street, Hobart 7000
    Tel: (03) 6233-3464
    Fax: (03) 6234 1572

    Electorate Officer: Mary-Anne Evans
    Tel: (03) 6244 1062
    Fax: (03) 6245 0946

    Lara Giddings has represented the people of Franklin since 2002. She considers it a great privilege to serve the Tasmanian community, and is committed to continue working to build a strong Franklin and a better future for Tasmania.

    (Authorised by Mary-Anne Evans, 17 Bligh St, Rosny, TAS 7018)

  • David O'Byrne MPDavid O’Byrne MP

    Office: Channel Court, Kingston 7050
    Tel: (03) 6211-8542

    David O’Byrne wants to be an active, engaged representative for the Franklin community, in touch with ordinary, everyday people.

    David’s pledge is to be responsive to the understandably high expectations that people have of their politicians. Please do not hesitate to contact David’s office should you have any reason to do so.

  • McKim, Nick (Tel: 03 6233-8300)
    Harriss, Paul (Tel: 03 6264-8485)

federal government

  • Senator Catryna BilykSenator Catryna Bilyk, Labor Senator for Tasmania

    Office: Kingston Plaza, Channel Hwy, Kingston 7050
    Mail: PO Box 320, Kingston 7051
    Tel: (03) 6229-4444
    Fax: (03) 6229-4100

    Catryna Bilyk is a Labor Senator for Tasmania. She has a special connection to Margate having lived in the town for the first seven years of her life.

    (Authorised by Daniel Hulme, 43 Honeywood Drive, Sandford, Tasmania)

  • Abetz, Eric (Tel: 03 6224-3707)
    Brown, Carol (Tel: 03 6224-4022)
    Brown, Robert (Tel: 03 6224-3222)
    Bushby, David (Tel: 03 6244-8533 )
    Collins, Julie (Tel: 03 6263-5155)
    Milne, Christine (Tel: 03 6244-8899)
    Parry, Stephen (Tel: 03 6431-7400)

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